Our Volunteers

Smart Works is a volunteer-led charity.  All of our dressing and interview preparation is done by a team of highly skilled and dedicated volunteers, who give us substantial amounts of their time to enable us to unlock the potential of each women who visits Smart Works.

Our dressing volunteers work with our clients to find the perfect outfit for their interview.  They listen to our clients, understand how to make them look and feel fabulous, and have a great eye for fashion and style.

Our interview volunteers are senior managers, HR professionals or executive coaches who spend an hour one to one with each client so they understand what is expected at interview, understand how to answer question effectively and are aware of their own strengths.

Our stock volunteers have a meticulous attention to detail and passion for organisation, to ensure our wardrobes are beautifully organised and an inspiring space for our clients.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated, skilled and inspirational group of men and women delivering the Smart Works service to our clients.

“The volunteers were so lovely and listened. I have not seen such kindness in years. They made me feel human and loved.”


Introducing our volunteers

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds.  All of them are united by a deep empathy for our clients and the right skills to be able to help them succeed.  We have over 350 volunteers across all our Smart Works sites who donate their time to dress and train our clients in preparation for their interviews.

We’d like to introduce four volunteers who have written about their Smart Works experience.

  • Emma Barnett

    Dressing Volunteer

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  • Claire Davis

    Dressing Volunteer

    Read more about Claire Davis
  • Jenny Rogers

    Interview Volunteer

    Read more about Jenny Rogers
  • Simon Clark

    Corporate Interview Volunteer

    Read more about Simon Clark
Become a Smart Works volunteer

If you would like to become a Smart Works volunteer, you can
click here to find out more about our volunteering opportunities.