Fashion as a Force for Good is a podcast all about the transformative power of clothing.

Over the past decade, we have learned first-hand that when a woman looks and feels her best, she can transform her life – a magic proven not only in our service but also, in the lives of our special guests.

Each week, fashion journalist and Smart Works supporter, Tiffanie Darke, speaks to a different inspirational woman about that one piece of clothing that gave them confidence at a crucial moment in their lives. Together, they delve into their individual relationships with fashion and the transformative role clothes have played at key moments in their careers.

Our final episode, with guest Gina Martin, is out now.

Episode One

Angela Scanlon

In episode one, TV presenter and podcaster Angela Scanlon joins host Tiffanie Darke in the Smart Works wardrobe.

Tune in to hear about the unexpected item of clothing that gave Angela a huge confidence boost at a crucial moment in her life.

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Episode Two

Gemma Cairney

In episode two, broadcaster and writer Gemma Cairney shares her style highs and lows with host Tiffanie.

Tune in to find out about Gemma’s bubblegum pink blazer and how it changed her relationship with fashion.

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Episode Three

Felicity Hayward

In episode three, model and activist Felicity Hayward talks body positivity, confidence, and acceptance with host Tiffanie.

Tune in to hear all about the most special item in Felicity’s wardrobe and how it has empowered her over the years.

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Episode Four

Jo Elvin

In episode four, Tiffanie and Jo take a trip down memory lane, reliving Jo’s experiences of being a fashion editor for the UK’s top women’s magazine during the noughties, as well as the story behind her recent career change to charity CEO.

Tune in to hear all about the dress that ‘changed everything’ for Jo, and how her outlook on fashion has changed throughout her career.

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Episode Five

Emma Gannon

In episode five, writer and podcaster Emma Gannon shares her insightful attitude towards work, her definition of success, and the role clothes have played throughout her life.

Tune in to hear all about Emma’s bright yellow trainers and how they empowered her at a key moment in her career.

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Episode Six

Gina Martin

In the final episode of Fashion as a Force for Good, author, spokesperson and activist Gina Martin shares how she made history after her experience of upskirting led to her successful campaign to change the law.

Tune in to find out more about Gina’s story and how fashion helped her feel empowered and positive in her fight for justice.

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Photography: Rosie Turner