The Duchess’s work with Smart Works incorporates her desire to support women, and her commitment to helping those in need across the UK. Since 2019, The Duchess has helped shine a light on the vital work we do to support women across the UK.

Both before and after taking on her role as Patron, The Duchess has made several private visits to our centres and shows both a clear affinity with our clients and a passion for our cause.

“The reason I was drawn to Smart Works is that it reframes the idea of charity as community. It’s a network of women supporting and empowering other women in their professional pursuits.”

The Duchess of Sussex

The concept of reframing charity as community is something that is central to The Duchess’ work with us. Her launch of the Smart Set capsule collection has strengthened the sense of community in what we do, allowing women to support one another, and offering a hand held rather than a hand out.

We are incredibly grateful for The Duchess of Sussex for all that she does for the Smart Works community and her continued support.

See The Duchess with our clients

Take a look below and watch The Duchess speaking with our clients about the Smart Set and sharing their success stories.

The launch of the Smart Set capsule collection

The one year anniversary of the Smart Set

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