Our new client and referrer collateral 💙

As we enter the final year of our Three Year Plan, on a mission to help 10,000 women a year by 2025, we have developed a new way of conveying our message. As part of our broader outreach and referral partner strategy, we have launched a new outreach kit and collateral to help better convey our message to unemployed women across the UK.  

 Over the last year, we have spoken to clients across the country about how we can best get the message of what Smart Works does across. In response to this feedback, we have designed and developed our new collateral to better clarify and amplify our service.  

All collateral has been designed in line with a theme which highlights the deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful nature of our service. This celebrates how the small things, like a change of clothes, can have such a hugely positive impact. 

 And, for the first time, we have developed referrer specific collateral, enabling us to tailor information to our referral partners across the country, who are so key to our mission. 

Alongside wider digital developments at Smart Works, such as our new online referral form, this new messaging will be key in helping us meet our aim to support any woman who needs our service.