The Unemployment Index Launch at the House of Lords

On Tuesday, we launched the second Smart Works Unemployment Index, a revealing report investigating the experiences women face when looking for work and the unfortunate reality that the conditions under which they seek work are deteriorating.

As a women’s employment charity, we felt it was our obligation to provide a mouthpiece for these women, amplifying their unique voices and stories.

We brought together over 100 people from across the UK, who have the power and means to create a better route to employment and heard directly from our client, Kathyrn, who shared her experience of what it means to be an unemployed woman in the UK and why having a job is so important.

Although the data from the report wasn’t what we would have hoped to hear, we remain driven by the change our community can bring and the potential we can unlock together. We believe women are one of the greatest assets we have in our economy and that their inclusion is critical. With clear recommendations to employers, the Unemployment Index is just one step towards ensuring women can easily enter and stay in the workforce.

Read the full report here.