Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

At Smart Works, we believe passionately that everyone should have an equal chance of success and feel they belong, regardless of who they are and their life experiences. We want Smart Works to be a place where everyone feels accepted, valued and able to thrive – whether they are staff, volunteers, trustees, partners, supporters, or our clients.

Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategy is grounded in one of our core values – Accessible Aspiration, which is the promise that Smart Works will always be approachable and inclusive, empowering others to thrive and fulfil their potential.

The strategy is the framework for how we will nurture a culture of diversity and inclusivity, woven into the fabric of our organisation. Born out of conversations with our community, it is our commitment to removing any barriers and behaviours that prevent Smart Works from being truly diverse and inclusive, and our collective roadmap for how change will be achieved.

Based on what we have learnt and heard from our community, Smart Works has identified five priorities that will frame our work. For each priority, we have identified areas of activity that will deliver real change by 2025.

  1. Our clients must always be at the heart of our decision making.
  2. Our internal community must reflect and represent our clients.
  3. Our culture is inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgemental.
  4. Our employment practices are best in class, championing positive experiences in the workplace.
  5. Our commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is bold and widely understood.

As we take active steps towards a better future, we take our responsibilities seriously. This is our public commitment to change, and we will continue to share how we are creating a more inclusive and equitable future for every member of the Smart Works community throughout the next two years.

We acknowledge that we do not have all of the answers. We will continue to draw upon the insight and expertise of our clients, our community, and the sector, so that we can evolve our thinking and further our work. In light of this philosophy, want to hear from you and start a conversation. Whether you are a client, supporter, fellow charity professional, staff members, trustee or volunteer, please email EDI@smartworks.org.uk if you would like to talk to us about this strategy.

The Smart Works Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy can be read in full here. If you would like to read this strategy in an alternative format, please email EDI@smartworks.org.uk.