We’re open in Manchester City Centre!

We are proud to announce that Smart Works, headed by our team in Greater Manchester, has made significant strides in expanding its services to reach even more women in need, after opening a brand new centre, last week.

Over the course of nearly 8 years, our team has delivered invaluable services to women in the Stockport town centre and our drive to double the number of women we support by 2025 has led us to the Manchester City Centre, where we’ve opened our 11th centre to deliver our impactful service and empower even more women to get the job.

There is a clear need for our service. With over 88,000 potential clients living in Greater Manchester, we recognize the clear need for our services. Specifically, 24% of these clients reside in the southern boroughs of Stockport, Tameside, and Trafford, while the remaining 76% reside in Manchester City and the northern boroughs. We believe every one of these women deserves the opportunity to succeed and access to the tools and support needed to fulfil her potential.

Our new centre represents a significant milestone in our commitment to the women we serve, so it was only right to welcome our partners, volunteers, and former clients to commemorate its opening. This centre brings us closer to our goal of doubling the number of women we support each year, from 5,000 to 10,000 and we are confident that with our expanded resources and unwavering dedication, we will achieve this and continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of countless women.

In celebration of our 10th year of operation, we have successfully supported over 30,000 women and have expanded our reach by opening brand-new centres in Glasgow and Croydon. Now, with the opening of the Manchester centre, we are well on our way to achieving our goal of supporting even more women across the United Kingdom. With this new centre, we can continue to deliver invaluable services to women while also expanding our reach to new clients who are in need.

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