Championing Fashion as a Force for Good during London Climate Action Week 🌍

Smart Works Chair of the Board of Trustees, Julietta Dexter, took to the stage at the London Climate Action Week. πŸ’™πŸŒ

With the spotlight firmly on sustainable fashion, Julietta discussed how Smart Works uses fashion as a force for good – creating a circular journey for high-quality donated clothes whilst also giving confidence to thousands of women every year.

β€œLast month alone saw Smart Works dress more than 850 women across the UK. That simply wouldn’t have been possible without the 4,691 items of clothing that were kindly donated to us from brands and individuals. As a society, so many of us overconsume fashion. Fashion, which can sometimes be seen as frivolous, or even superfluous. But we know that good clothing can truly make a difference – empowering women to get into the workplace and transforming lives. So we’re encouraging everyone to think about their wardrobes and make the right choices to help those who might need a hand up. If you’re thinking about your clothing decisions, think of Smart Works. We’re committed to supporting 10,000 women this year but we need your donated clothing to reach that goal. Be a part of our sustainable journey and not only make conscious clothing choices, but choices that will genuinely change women’s lives.” πŸ™ŒπŸ’™