Tiffanie Darke announced as interim CEO

We are delighted to announce that Tiffanie Darke has been appointed as interim CEO following our recent announcement that Kate Stephens will be stepping down after 10 transformational years of leadership.

Tiffanie will lead the exceptional senior leadership team and work closely with Kate through the next weeks of transition, ensuring that Smart Works continues to empower women, and give them the confidence they need to unlock their potential, get the job, and transform their lives.

Tiffanie Darke is a company director, author, speaker, journalist, and a long serving fashion industry authority. She also sat on the Charity’s Board of Trustees almost since the Charity’s founding, and stepped down after a full term earlier this year.

Julietta Dexter, Chair of Smart Works Charity:

“On behalf of the Board and the entire Smart Works community I am delighted to announce Tiffanie’s interim appointment as our CEO. Tiffanie’s experience as a previous trustee will be of immense value to us all and will ensure the seamless continuation and growth of our service across the country. Her experience as a British fashion industry icon, as well as her deep understanding of brands, businesses, and the vital importance of fashion as a force for good, will be invaluable. Kate leaves an exceptional senior leadership team with whom Tiffanie will work closely throughout her tenure.”


Tiffanie Darke, Interim CEO, Smart Works

“Fashion is a formidable creative and economic force in our society, and no organisation expresses that more purely than Smart Works Charity. I feel very privileged to be asked to spend more time with this community during this transitional period, continuing the incredible work achieved by our previous CEO, Kate Stephens. Together with everyone in the Smart Works family, I look forward to strengthening our ability to empower others, to give women the belief they can unlock their own self-worth, find financial security, and determine the path of their own lives”


The Board of Trustees have engaged with executive search agency, The MBS Group to recruit for the permanent CEO role.