Welcome to Smart Works in London

Smart Works was founded in London and has a long track record of improving the lives of women.

Our service began, at what is still our Smart Works HQ, in North London.  From here, we see over 1000 women every year, from every borough in the city, helping them with the clothes and the confidence they need for job success.

In 2013, we expanded our service in London by opening a second office in Ladbroke Grove in West London, with its own dressing room and interview coaching space.  Our West London branch is thriving, open five days a week, and delivering over 800 appointments in the last year.

We are incredibly proud to report that in both our London offices, our success rate remains at 65% of the clients we are able to contact going on to succeed at their job interview.

How To Get Involved

How To Make An Appointment

The Smart Works service in London is open to any unemployed woman in need of additional support.

Appointments to Smart Works in London are made by referral only.  We work with many referral agencies, including Jobcentre Plus, work programme providers and charities working to support women back into employment.  They refer women to us who need help with interview clothes and confidence-building in the run up to their interview.

Referring a woman to Smart Works London is done over the phone and only takes a few minutes.  We take care of the rest.


To become a Smart Works referral partner:
  1. Please complete a Smart Works Referral Agency Agreement or call 020 7288 1770 (North) or 020 8962 6586 (West)
  2. Email the completed form to: [email protected]rg.uk
  3. To book an appointment on behalf of a client, call 020 7288 1770 (North) or 020 8962 6586 (West)

*We usually require a day’s notice to book an appointment but we try to be as flexible as we can