Our Staff

  • Kate Stephens is CEO of Smart Works, leading our mission to roll out nationwide and help ever more women into employment.  Based in London, Kate runs our HQ operations and oversees our long-established London service, ensuring it remains best-in-class and that we share our learnings across the Smart Works family.  Kate combines senior private sector experience with a passion for the entrepreneurial, dynamic and inspirational charity sector, learnt first as Trustee, Vice Chair and then Chair of a leading family charity and now as CEO of Smart Works.

“Smart Works is a brilliantly simple and practical concept that works.  After their visit, well over half of the women we contact go on to get the job.  Seeing the service in action every day is a great privilege and an inspiration to all of us who work here.  We are passionate about improving the lives of women, and want to take the Smart Works service to as many women as we can across the UK.  We want to engage inspirational women who might be willing to bring Smart Works to their home city.  And we want to ensure that every single woman who comes to Smart Works leaves with a renewed sense of her own abilities, looking and feel great, and ready to succeed at her job interview.”


Our Patrons

  • Rosemary Ashworth

    Rosemary Ashworth is Director of Service Delivery and Group Operations, managing our service delivery and operations across the UK and leading and developing our London service.

  • Charlotte Jackson

    Charlotte Jackson is our Director of Partnerships and is responsible for leading the Smart Works Charity approach to partnerships across all the main fundraising streams, including corporate income, events, grant funding and major donors.

  • Mehala Manimohan

    Mehala Manimohan is the Head of Finance and is responsible for the financial management of the charity.

  • Laura Dalby

    Laura Dalby is UK Head of Regional Development, coordinating our work across all our sites outside London, and working with new applicants who want to open a Smart Works.

  • Victoria Mullin

    Victoria Mullin Gorelik is UK Head of Wardrobe, ensuring our dressing rooms are beautifully stocked and our clothing donations carefully managed.

  • Jenna Brown

    Jenna Brown is Head of Communications, responsible for both our internal and external brand and storytelling.

  • Ella Dodd

    Ella Dodd is Senior Events Manager, leading our Fashion Sale, Network and Fashion Club events.

  • Charlotte Owens

    Charlotte Owens is Foundation and Community Fundraising Manager, responsible for foundation and community funding, which allows for the growth and development of the Smart Works service.

  • Isabel Duce

    Isabel is Partnerships and Development Manager, responsible for the day to day management of the charity’s partnerships and new business development.

  • Sophie Rutherford

    Sophie Rutherford is North London Manager, managing our core service in North London and working closely with clients, volunteers, local referrers and supporters.

  • Rebecca Peck

    Rebecca Peck is West London Programme Manager, managing our core service in West London, working closely with clients, volunteers and local referrers.

  • Sandeep Kular

    Sandeep Kular is a Graduate Trainee and supports with the delivery of our core service in London and supports senior staff on key projects when required. 

  • Kathleen Bramble

    Kathleen is part of the Smart Works Diversity Internship and works across different functions of the organisation, in particular the delivery of our service in London.