Donate Clothes

We always welcome donations of high quality, ready to wear, interview-appropriate clothes which are in good condition.

“The clothes they pulled for me matched my personality, making me feel comfortable and inspired.”SMART WORKS CLIENT

We welcome the following donated items:

  • Business suits
  • Skirts and trousers
  • Dresses
  • Tops and blouses
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • New tights and new bras
  • Accessories
  • Unloved party wear / gifts
  • New, unopened cosmetics & make-up, skincare, body and hair products
  • Shopping bags

We currently need further donations of:

  • Size 16 + clothing
  • Slim leg trousers
  • Shoes (all sizes)
  • Handbags
Clothing Donations

For all clothing donations please contact the Smart Works Edinburgh team

Organising a clothing drive for Smart Works Edinburgh

Suit drives happen when colleagues within a company get together to raise awareness of our work and organise a day or week when everyone can donate their unwanted clothes and accessories to Smart Works. Each item of donated clothing helps another woman succeed at her job interview.

Organise a suit drive in four easy steps:

  • Agree a particular day or week to hold your suit drive
  • Publicise the event via email and posters
  • Designate a room or space in the office where people can drop off their clothes, and organise a hanging rail and some boxes to store the clothes
  • After the suit drive, package up the donations and deliver them to Smart Works.

All clothes are passed directly to our clients so donations should be clean, in high-quality condition and ready to wear.

For more information on how to organise a clothing drive please download the Edinburgh Clothing Drive pack or contact the Smart Works Edinburgh team.