Raising money to transform the lives of women across the UK

On Sunday 27 January, Betty Jackson CBE will be broadcasting a week-long charity appeal on BBC Radio 4 to raise funds for Smart Works.  Betty is a long-standing patron and champion of Smart Works, and the BBC appeal aims to raise vital funds to help more women succeed at their job interview and transform their lives.

The appeal will air at 07:54 and 21:25 on 27 January and 15:27 on 31 January 2019.

“It is so simple because wearing the right clothes changes her whole attitude to herself. She looks in the mirror and says ‘Yes I can do this I can do this because I look and feel the part.”

Betty Jackson CBE

Supporting women like Shana

Our appeal focuses on Smart Works client Shana, who was determined to get back to work after quitting her nursing diploma to care for her dying grandfather. Shana felt she was letting down her children by failing to get back into work. Smart Works gave Shana the confidence and self-belief she needed succeed at interview. 

“Smart Works made me realise that the experience I had looking after my grandfather was a unique selling point, it wasn’t something I should be ashamed of or that I missed out of my chance of doing it before.”

Reaching the most vulnerable women

We support the most vulnerable women in society. Our clients come from prisons, refuges, mental health charities, care homes and job centres. Being unemployed can be damaging and disempowering. The women we see want to work but lack the practical tools and the self-belief to move forward. Smart Works is here to help.

Believing in a brighter future

Our patron Betty Jackson is a passionate supporter of Smart Works and caring for our clients. Here you can listen to Betty speak about why the transformative power of fashion and our work restoring women’s self confidence means so much to her.

How to Donate

The appeal will help us take the Smart Works service to more women across the UK.

A gift of £34 could coach a client. £72 will coach and dress her, giving her confidence to succeed at interview.  

If you would like to donate to Smart Works after the appeal, you can donate through our Just Giving.