Spin for Smart Works has started

Here is a list of the brave teams cycling in Spin for Smart Works for International Women’s Day 2018. They are all cycling a minimum of 500 miles from Friday 2 March – Thursday 8 March. The team that cycles the furthest will be crowned winner. Sponsor a team for this mighty challenge and head to the Spin Just Giving page.

  Team name Team captain Company Smart Works centre Distance in miles
1 Net 2 Wheels Ian Roe Mercury Manchester 1273.00
2 Pythagoras Peddlers Louise Pulford Pythagoras Reading 903.42
3 Relentless Rouleurs Ed Goss JDA Reading 838.13
4 Pythagoras Pursuit Matthew Steer Pythagoras Reading 809.66
5 Tell you what I want what I wheelie wheelie want Rosemary Ashworth Friendship group Birmingham 785.00
6 Psycholists Kathryn Mundy JDA Reading 777.00
7 True Gritt Jane Gritt McGuire Woods London 740.87
8 Spin Spin Sugar Lorna Hitchock Barclays London 678.90
9 Pythagoras Peloton Hannah Wardell Pythagoras Reading 675.69
10 Oww, my legs hurt Mihaela Maior Cisco Reading 654.78
11 BIA Riders Subhash Chaudheri Barclays London 619.00
12 Psykel1sts Hannah Cattermoul JDA Reading 615.27
13 Drumsheugh Divas Sara Ebbett Open Edinburgh 584.58
14 We may not be the best but we are wheelie good Aled Davies McGuire Woods London 565.40
15 PB & OS CCO Chain Gang John Teare Barclays London 560.30
16 Our Assets our Special Dale Sellers Barclays London 551.25
17 The Wacky Racers Karen Ogilvie Friendship group Manchester 550.00
18 Smart and Powerful Monika Mandravickaite Friendship group Edinburgh 544.31
19 Insolvency Spin for Smart Works Sarah Heath The Insolvency Service Manchester 539.00
20 Control Cranks Julian Sampson Barclays London 536.30
21 Spin Doctors Matthew Finlay Barclays London 536.00
22 The Spin Diesels Vicki Swalwell-Tolley Mediacom Birmingham 530.00
23 Citi GEMS Leiana Jones Citi London 523.50
24 Spin Sisters Miki Takamura BNP Paribas London 522.00
25 Pedal Pushers Rose Abad McGuireWoods London LLP London 516.04
26 Remschied Rockets Gemma Young Friendship group Newcastle 516.00
27 Remschied Racers Joanne Graham Friendship group Newcastle 516.00
28 I Really Really Lycra It Zoe Westerman McGuire Woods London 515.87
29 Keeping up the Joneses Louise Griffiths PH Jones/British Gas Manchester 512.00
30 The Spinning Bankers Steven Smith-Gordon TSB Edinburgh 511.50
31 Speedrs Bea Downing Seedrs London 510.00
32 Transform Wheelies Sita Shah Transform UK London 504.54
33 Pedalling Wheels Club Samantha Reed PWC Manchester 501.30
34 Manchester Movers Clare Rafferty Wellbeing Associates Manchester 501.00
35 Forest Gate Womens Institute Chris Kershaw Womens Institute London 500.70
36 Darrens Angels Heather Mackenzie TSB London 500.00
37 Cyclepaths Stephanie Williams MSPL Manchester 500.00
38 PSCycle II Charlotte Meyler PSI advertising London 481.30
39 Spin Queens Samantha Jones Smart Works London 479.00
40 Scrambled Legs Toni Varey Duo Boots London 471.65
41 Ride it like you stole it Natalie Boot McGuire Woods London 469.44
42 Remediation Spinners Roy Lagden Barclays London 454.20
43 Oracles Spinning for Smart Works Danielle Aitken Oracle Reading 453.00
44 The OU Spinners Kate Signorini The Open University in Scotland Edinburgh 426.60
45 Vicious Cycle Donna Flannagan Barclays London 416.30
46 Spin Champs Leigh Matthews Cisco Reading 411.50
47 That Better Team Ieva Uldukyte Barclays London 394.44
48 LW Blizzard Spinners Pierre-Axel Aberg LW London 361.30
49 Unstoppable Marzena Szponar BNP Paribas London 360.00
50 HSWL team Saifidin Oumast Barclays London 332.00
51 The Therapeutic use Exemptions James Baker Barclays London 314.77
52 PSI-cycle 1 Nyree Abajian PSI advertising London 312.60
53 No-Free-Cycles Jules O Shea Cisco Reading 308.10
54 LW Vicious Cycles Eileen Kelly LW London 288.33
55 Verizon Veterans Charlotte Robinson Verizon Reading 252.50
56 Cookie Power DTBH Helen Green Doubletree Hilton Edinburgh 183.00
57 Lucy made me do this Lucy Sandilands Friendship group Manchester 155.00
58 The Jackson 5 Elizabeth O Neil TSB Edinburgh 0.00
Total miles: 29843.34


Spin for Smart Works is a weeklong cycling challenge.  Teams of 5 are set a 500 mile target, the distance between all Smart Works centres across the UK, and choose how they want to complete their cycling miles – on a road bike, gym bike or spin class.  If 500 miles isn’t enough, don’t stop. Because whoever cycles the furthest will be crowned winner of Spin for Smart Works 2018.

  1. Find 5 team mates and nominate a team captain
  2. Visit our sign up page, pay the small sign up fee (£7 per person to cover costs) and enter team details
  3. To sign up you will need your team name, team mates names, gender, date of birth, email address and T shirt sizes (the two size options are M or XL). Each cyclist will receive a free and exclusive Betty Jackson X Smart Works T shirt once they are registered
  4. Once you are signed you will need to set up your Just Giving page and link to the Spin for Smart Works Just Giving page (instructions on how to do this will be sent on sign up)
  5. Get sponsored and post on social media #RideInStyle #SpinForSmartWorks #PedalForAPurpose
  6. On Friday 2 March start racing. You have a week to do at least 500 miles. The team that cycles the furthest will be crowned winner

Every cyclist taking part will receive their exclusive T shirt.

Spin for Smart Works route

I am delighted to have designed this T shirt to support such an exciting initiative – Spin for Smart Works – now in it’s second year – and also to be a part of this wonderful charity enabling women all over the country to get back into the workplace. So please get on your bikes – real or virtual – and pedal.’ 

Betty Jackson CBE